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Upcoming events

    • 07/18/2018
    • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    • Rob and David's house, 1415 San Clemente Way, Sacramento CA

    The board meets monthly in order to steer the direction of the club and to discuss important information related to club business. Members are welcome to attend if they would like to share something with the board.

    Please RSVP. Include how many members and guests will attend.

    • 07/20/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • 4904 Auburn Blvd., Sacramento CA 95841

    It's Bears Night Out to a new place for the club - Xochimilco Mexican Restaurant!  If you like really good quality Mexican food, you're gonna love Xochimilco!

    Please arrive on time so we can be seated all together.

    • 07/22/2018
    • 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
    • The Bolt Bar, 2560 Boxwood Street, Sacramento CA
    We’ve got a treat for you, the Fairy Falls Trail! It’s a 5.3 mile loop that has some varied terrain, and a swimming hole! It’s totally doable with moderate ability, and utterly beautiful. Because it has a swimming hole, we’re gonna stay an extra hour or so to get some warmer weather for some... water sport!

    We’ll meet at the Bolt at 8:30 and leave by 9, so you Saturday night specials can get an extra hour of beauty sleep! This timeframe will still beat the other hikers, and get some sunny weather for swimming!

    What to bring;

    A guest!
    A hat
    A towel and swim trunks
    Sturdy comfortable shoes
    Plenty of water
    Small lunch

    We will carpool to minimize parking at the trailhead and make a smaller impact on the environment.

    Let’s go hiking!
    • 07/28/2018
    • 5:30 PM - 10:30 PM
    • Sun Splash Water Park, 1893 Taylor Road, Roseville
    Join us for a night slide!

    $25.99 PP and $4.00 Tube rental
    • 07/29/2018
    • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Faces Nightclub, 2000 K Street, Sacramento CA

    Everyone is invited to our July Fundraiser Brunch.  

    As before, the cost is $9 per person.  We will have your favorite breakfast food and the drinks can be purchased from Faces.  

    Please RSVP. Include how many members and guests will attend.

    Anyone 21 yrs of age and over may attend, but this is a fundraiser so everyone is required to pay. We hope to see you there!
    • 08/01/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Black Bear Diner, 2700 El Centro Rd, Sacramento CA
    What with out 25th Anniversary year upon us, we have a lot of events and planning to do!  Come to this meeting and lend your voice to our process!

    It's fun, friendly, and furry!

    See you there!

    • 08/10/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • 1628 Broadway, Sacramento

    It's been a while, like since 2013, but we are returning to Taste of Thai on Broadway, a delicious Thai restaurant!  Thai food is one of the world's great cuisines, and at Taste of Thai you'll understand why: from the noodle dishes to the stir fries to the curries, everything they make is fresh and delicious!

    Please arrive on time!

    • 09/05/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Black Bear Diner, 2700 El Centro Rd, Sacramento CA
    What with out 25th Anniversary year upon us, we have a lot of events and planning to do!  Come to this meeting and lend your voice to our process!

    It's fun, friendly, and furry!

    See you there!

    • 10/03/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Black Bear Diner, 2700 El Centro Rd, Sacramento CA
    What with out 25th Anniversary year upon us, we have a lot of events and planning to do!  Come to this meeting and lend your voice to our process!

    It's fun, friendly, and furry!

    See you there!

    • 11/07/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Black Bear Diner, 2700 El Centro Rd, Sacramento CA
    Nominations for the Board of Directors are due at this meeting!

    It's fun, friendly, and furry!

    See you there!

    • 12/05/2018
    • 7:00 PM
    • Black Bear Diner, 2700 El Centro Rd, Sacramento CA
    Board elections will be held tonight!  Also, it's our normal monthly meeting, so there will be announcements and plenty of socializing!

    It's fun, friendly, and furry!

    See you there!

Past events

07/14/2018 Pool Party
07/13/2018 Game Night
07/11/2018 July Greet and Grope (monthly meeting)
07/07/2018 Beer Bust
06/30/2018 “4th of July” Pool Party
06/24/2018 June Community Brunch
06/23/2018 Pool Party
06/20/2018 June Board Meeting
06/16/2018 Hiking Bears - Deer Creek Tribute Trail
06/15/2018 Bears Night Out at Old Spaghetti Factory
06/14/2018 Crocker Museum: artMIX - Pride the Musical
06/10/2018 Sac Pride Parade and Festival Booth
06/06/2018 June Greet and Grope (monthly meeting)
06/02/2018 Beer Bust
05/27/2018 Hiking Bears - China Gulch Trail
05/20/2018 special Sac Pride Board Meeting
05/20/2018 Bearrunch at Zocalo Midtown
05/19/2018 Summer Kick-Off Pool Party
05/16/2018 May Board Meeting
05/12/2018 Beer Bust
05/10/2018 Bears Night Out
05/06/2018 25th Anniversary Planning Meeting
05/02/2018 May Greet and Grope (monthly meeting)
04/29/2018 Extra April Board Meeting
04/29/2018 April Fundraiser Brunch
04/21/2018 April Fools Game Night
04/18/2018 April Board Meeting
04/13/2018 Bears Night Out
04/07/2018 April Bear Bust
04/04/2018 April Greet and Grope
03/25/2018 March Fundraiser Brunch
03/23/2018 Bears Night Out
03/21/2018 March Board Meeting
03/17/2018 Shamrock Game Night
03/15/2018 St Patty's Day Mixer
03/11/2018 March Bear Brunch
03/07/2018 March Greet and Grope
03/03/2018 March Bear Bust
02/21/2018 February Board of Directors Meeting
02/20/2018 Single Mingle
02/16/2018 Bears Night Out
02/10/2018 Valentine Game Night
02/07/2018 February Greet and Grope
02/03/2018 February Bear Bust
01/27/2018 SVB Annual Pizza Party
01/17/2018 January Board of Directors Meeting
01/07/2018 New Year's Brunch
01/06/2018 January Bear Bust
01/03/2018 January Greet and Grope
12/20/2017 December Board of Directors Meeting
12/17/2017 Victorian Christmas Road Trip 2017
12/16/2017 Magical Holiday Party
12/09/2017 December Santa Beer/Soda Bust
12/06/2017 December Greet and Vote
11/18/2017 Thanksgiving Party
11/15/2017 November Board of Directors Meeting
11/04/2017 November Beer/Soda Bust
11/01/2017 November Greet and Grope
10/27/2017 Halloween Party
10/19/2017 BEARS NIGHT OUT
10/18/2017 October Board of Directors Meeting
10/15/2017 Apple Hill Road Trip
10/15/2017 Spooky Bear Brunch
10/07/2017 SVB Garage Sale
10/04/2017 October Greet and Grope
09/22/2017 September Equinox Game Night
09/20/2017 September Board of Directors Meeting
09/16/2017 End of Summer Pool Party @ Myks
09/06/2017 September Greet and Grope
09/02/2017 September Pool Party
08/24/2017 Bears Night Out
08/20/2017 SVB Bear Brunchluck
08/19/2017 August Pool Party
08/18/2017 Wine Game Night
08/16/2017 August Board of Directors Meeting
08/12/2017 August Beer/Soda Bust
08/05/2017 August Pool Party
08/02/2017 August Greet and Grope
07/27/2017 Bears Night Out
07/23/2017 SVB Pool Party
07/19/2017 July Board of Directors Meeting
07/16/2017 SVB Bearrunch - Tower Cafe
07/08/2017 July Pool Party
07/06/2017 June Board of Directors Meeting
07/05/2017 July Greet and Grope
07/01/2017 Independence Beer/Soda Bust
06/27/2017 Bears Night Out
06/18/2017 Bear Brunch
06/16/2017 June SVB Game Night
06/07/2017 June Greet and Grope @ blackbear Diner
06/03/2017 Pride Beer/Soda Bust
05/28/2017 May Pool Party
05/24/2017 Bears night out
05/17/2017 Board of Directors Meeting - Pride Meeting
05/03/2017 May Greet and Grope - Special
04/29/2017 April Pool Party
04/23/2017 Bear Brunch
04/19/2017 Board of Directors Meeting
04/14/2017 SVB Game Night
04/08/2017 Full Moon Bear Beer/Soda Bust
04/05/2017 April Greet and Grope
03/28/2017 LGBT+ Skate Night
03/23/2017 March Bears Night Out!
03/21/2017 Beauty and the Beast
03/18/2017 Bearaoke Night
03/15/2017 Board of Directors Meeting
03/04/2017 Bear at bar bear bust
03/01/2017 Greet and Grope
02/23/2017 Bears Night Out Fundraiser!
02/19/2017 Bear Brunch Potluck
02/15/2017 Board of Directors Meeting
02/10/2017 SVB Game Night
02/01/2017 Greet and Grope
01/24/2017 Bear Exploration Night
01/21/2017 SVB PIZZA PARTY
01/18/2017 SVB Board of Directors Meeting
01/12/2017 Bears' Night Out
01/04/2017 Greet and Grope
12/31/2016 New Years Eve Party
12/18/2016 Victorian Christmas Road Trip
12/15/2016 Suzie Burger Fundraiser
12/14/2016 Board of Directors Meeting
12/10/2016 Holiday Party
12/07/2016 Meet-n-Greet and Club Election
11/22/2016 SVB night at Global WinterWonderland
11/16/2016 Board Meeting
11/13/2016 Apple Hill Road Trip
11/13/2016 Bearrunch - Pancake Circus
11/12/2016 Game Night
11/02/2016 Meet-n-Greet
10/23/2016 Chili Cook-off Farewell Pool Party
10/22/2016 Chili Cook-off Contestant Sign-up
10/22/2016 Chili Cook-off and Bear Fair
10/21/2016 Chili Cook-off Pub Crawl
10/20/2016 Bears Night Out - Pho Xe Lua
10/18/2016 Board of Directors Meeting
10/16/2016 Bearrunch - Carmichael Cafe
10/15/2016 Game Night
10/05/2016 Meet-n-Greet
10/01/2016 UC Davis Arboretum Plant Sale
09/22/2016 Bears' Night Out
09/21/2016 Board of Directors Meeting
09/20/2016 Chili Cook-off Planning Meeting
09/18/2016 39th Annual Jewish Food Faire
09/17/2016 SCCGRA Rodeo & Sierra Stampede
09/14/2016 Chili Cook-off Kickoff Meeting
09/11/2016 Bearrunch at Lumberjacks on Madison
09/10/2016 Pool Night/Game & Movie Night
09/07/2016 September Meet-n-Greet
08/27/2016 NEW DATE! Pool Party
08/17/2016 Board of Directors Meeting
08/14/2016 Sierra Stampede & Rodeo Volunteer Signup Party
08/14/2016 Bearrunch at The Waffle Experience Natomas
08/11/2016 Bears' Night Out
08/03/2016 August Meet-n-Greet
07/30/2016 Bears Invade the Drive-in
07/20/2016 Board Meeting
07/17/2016 Bearrunch - Rosie's Country Kitchen
07/16/2016 Pool Party
07/14/2016 Bears' Night Out - Yianni's Bar and Grill
07/06/2016 July Meet-n-Greet
07/02/2016 Pool Party
06/23/2016 Bears' Night Out - The Izakaya 23 June
06/19/2016 Bear Brunch
06/18/2016 Pool Party
06/04/2016 Bear Booth at Sac Pride
06/01/2016 Meet and Greet June
05/28/2016 Pool Party
05/21/2016 Dinner and a Show - Sacramento Gay Men's Chorus - Seize the Day
05/19/2016 Bears' Night Out - El Tapatio Mexican Restaurant
05/18/2016 SVB Board of Directors Meeting.
05/15/2016 Bearrunch - Sammy's Restaurant
05/14/2016 Game Night!
05/04/2016 Monthly Meet and Greet
04/21/2016 Bears' Night Out - Cafe Morocco
04/20/2016 SVB Board of Directors Meeting.
04/10/2016 Bearrunch - Carol's Restaurant
04/09/2016 Game Night!
04/06/2016 Monthly Membership Meeting and Social Hour
03/17/2016 Bears Night Out- Old Spaghetti Factory
03/16/2016 SVB Board Meeting.
03/13/2016 SVB BearBrunch-Golden Corral
03/12/2016 Bears Game Night of Awesome @ Dave and Rob's
03/02/2016 SVB General Meeting
02/21/2016 BearBrunch @ Mimi's Cafe
02/18/2016 Bears Night Out- Erawan Thai Restaurant
02/17/2016 SVB Board Meeting
02/13/2016 SVB Game Night
02/03/2016 Sacramento Valley Bears General Meeting
01/21/2016 Bears Night Out @ Sal's Tacos
01/20/2016 SVB Board Meeting
01/17/2016 BearBrunch @Black Bear Diner
01/16/2016 SVB PIZZA PARTY
01/06/2016 Sacramento Valley Bears General Meeting
12/16/2015 SVB Board Meeting
12/06/2015 Bearunch @ Aviator's
12/02/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
11/18/2015 SVB Board Meeting
11/08/2015 Bearunch @ Hometown Buffet
11/07/2015 GAME NIGHT!
11/04/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
10/21/2015 SVB Board Meeting
10/18/2015 BEARS in a PUMPKIN PATCH @ Roemer Pumpkin Patch
10/07/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
09/26/2015 BEAR FEAST!
09/20/2015 Bearunch @ Thunder Valley Casino
09/19/2015 SEPT 19 POOL PARTY!
09/16/2015 SVB Board Meeting
09/02/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
08/28/2015 BEARS in the WOODS 2015
08/23/2015 Bearunch @ Mimi's Cafe - Alta Arden
08/22/2015 AUG 22 POOL PARTY!
08/19/2015 SVB Board Meeting
08/15/2015 AUG 15 POOL PARTY!
08/13/2015 Bear's Night OUT! @ El Tapatio
08/05/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
07/19/2015 Bearunch @ Claim Jumper
07/15/2015 SVB Board Meeting
07/09/2015 Bear's Night OUT! @ Hot Italian Pizza & Panini Bar
07/04/2015 July 4th Pool Party
07/01/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
06/17/2015 SVB Board Meeting
06/14/2015 Bearunch @ Rivers Edge Cafe
06/11/2015 Bear's Night OUT! @ Rick's Dessert Diner
06/06/2015 Sacramento Pride
06/03/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
05/24/2015 Bearunch @ Cornerstone
05/23/2015 GAME NIGHT!
05/20/2015 SVB Board Meeting
05/19/2015 Sacramento Movie Bears - MAD MAX
05/14/2015 Bear's Night OUT! @ Stirling Bridges
05/06/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table Pizza
05/02/2015 Boxers & Boots BEER BUST!!!
04/18/2015 Game/Movie Night
04/15/2015 SVB Board Meeting
04/09/2015 Bears Night Out @ Cafe Morocco
04/01/2015 SVB General Meeting @ Round Table

"Sacramento Valley Bears" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. PO Box 189402 ~ Sacramento, CA 95818

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